• Tobboggan - The tobboggan is a combo trick. To count as a tobboggan it must meet the following 1) the rider must be grabbing the seat with one hand. 2) The handlebars must be turned 90 degrees. 3) The rider must be leaned back with thier butt behind thier seat, preferably on or behind on the rear tire.
  • Turndown - The rider brings the bike up vertical while straightening thier body and turning the handlebars 180 degrees.
  • Lookback - Similar to turndown but the bike is kept horizontal. A lookback is also down against any rotation, while a turndown is done with the direction of rotation.
  • Tailwhip - The rider kicks the rear end of the bike 360 degrees while the bars remain steady.
  • Downside Tailwhip - A downside tailwhip is done with a rotation, for example out of a quarter pipe, the kicks in the bike in the opposite direction that he/she spins.
  • Decade - Similar to a tailwhip except that the rider and handlebars rotate 360 degrees while the rear end remains stationary
  • 360 - where you and the bike spins 360 degrees
  • 180 - half of a 360, the rider and bike spin 180 degrees
  • Backflip - where you and the bike goes upside down
  • Bar Spin - where the bars go round 360 and you and the rest of the bike stays stationary
  • Flip Air (Flair) - A backflip 180
    Angel - dont ride him.


Grinds are tricks that are done on ledges are rails. The rider slides a part of his bike, most often specially designed pegs across a surface such as ledge or rail.

  • Double Peg - The rider grinds on a ledge or rail with both front and rear pegs on the same side.
  • Icepick - Back peg only, front wheel and peg are balanced in the air.
  • Toothpick - Front peg only, back peg and wheel are balanced in the air.
  • Smith - Front peg on the surface, back tire on the surface.
  • Feeble - Back peg on the surface, front tire on the surface.
  • Crooked - Can only be done on rails and narrow ledges. The bike is positioned so that each wheel is on either side of the obstacle. The rider grinds on the front-right peg and back-left peg, or vice versa.
  • Derrek Duser - Similar to a crooked grind but instead of being supported by a front peg the grind is performed on the rear peg and the bottom bracket.
  • Pedal Grind - A generic term for any grind done on the pedal instead of on the pegs. Most peg grinds can be duplicated on the pedal, ie a pedal-feeble would be with the pedal (front or rear) and the front tire on the obstacle. However, there are some pedal grinds that are unique and cannot be performed with pegs.
  • Crank slide - On the front crank arm, or pedal. One wheel on either side of the rail. Similar to a crooked except that the bike is usually more sideways and only has one point of contact instead of two.
  • BB slide - On the back crank arm, and/or BB. One wheel on either side of the rail. Similar to a Derek Duster, but without the extra support of the back peg.
  • Magic carpet - Only the pedal on the rail with cranks vertical. Both axles suspended above the rail by downward crank pressure.
  • Levitator - A hybrid peg/pedal grind. Pedal and front peg on rail, back peg suspended by downward crank pressure. (it sounds like this is what you are doing)
  • Luc-e - Prn. "Lucky" A hybrid peg/pedal grind. The grind is performed on the rear peg and front pedal while the front end of the bike is "dipped" so that the front wheel is below the grind surface.
  • 60/40 - A generic modifier that can apply to many types of grinds. 60/40 is when 2 different parts of the bike are grinding on 2 different surfaces, one slightly higher than the other. Imagine steps, the rear peg on one step and the front peg on the next step higher.
  • Unlucky - A hybrid peg and pedal grind. The grind is performed with front peg and pedal while the rear end of the bike is hanging below the grind surface.